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The Fitness Zone, San Angelo, Texas

  • "Carlos, Thanks for keeping me at the top of my game."

    -David Dellucci

    Texas Rangers, 2005 Career Best…… Hits 109, Homers 29.


  • "When I have therapy with Carlos

    . . . I hit homers”

    –Mark Teixeira  

    Texas Rangers, (2005 Career Best…. Hits 194, Homers 43.) (2006 Hits 177, Homers 33)

  • “I feel light after a therapy session and I can see the ball better at the plate."

    - Gary Mathews Jr.

    Texas Rangers, (2005 Hits 121, Homers 17) (2006 Hits 194, Homers 19)

  • “I can move my neck!”- Mark DeRosa

    Texas Rangers 2006 Hits 154. Homers 13

  • "I feel better after a good ol' back rub”

    –Charlie Pride

    Country Singer, 2005

  • Carlos - Thank you so much for the help with healing my friends hand. I appreciate it so much and don't even understand. I think without you I wouldn't be able to walk in the morning. You are amazing at what you do. I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you for everything you have done.       ...  Thank you.

  • "Carlos, You're an amazing healer!"

    --Esai Morales

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  • MIND




A Unique Method Holistic

















Can we help you?


Are you a Professional Athlete experiencing pain and tightness?

Are you looking to move to the next level?

Are you ready to improve your body?

Are you ready to improve your pitching?

Do you want to improve your accuracy?

Do you want to improve your speed?

How do you solve the problems that come with a tight back?

The best answer is professional reflexology with a highly trained therapist.

First you will be evaluated and we will explain each step along the way. This is not massage therapy.

After your evaluation, the feet are worked to begin the process of healing in the body.

Then the area surrounding any problems is worked,

Then if needed the area itself is worked.

The client is then evaluated again by being asked to move, breath and explain how they feel.

If the area needs further work it is performed at this time.

Then the client is given time to relax and allow the new levels of healing to settle into the body.

Your results will be a clearer mind and a healthier body.